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Viella V12 turntable and 12JT tonearm: “Most Coveted Products of 2016.”

US-based audiophile website, Part-Time Audiophile has named the AMG Viella V12 turntable and 12JT Turbo tonearm as one of its Most Coveted Products of 2016.

Reviewer Rafe noted “The AMG Viella V12 turntable and standard (12J2) tonearm is a combination of real and imagined in a listening session that is best described as ‘drug-like.'” Rafe continues “The ability of this duo (regardless of cartridge) to elicit out-of-body sonic experiences, and palpable emotional responses from me is something spooky.”

Reviewer Mohammed listened to the Viella V12 ‘table with AMG’s new 12JT Turbo tonearm. Mohammed, who previously had the 12J2 tonearm, was most impressed by the 12JT Turbo’s “ingenious” alignment jig and calibrated locking thumbscrews helping him achieve his “most accurate setup to date.” What’s more, Mohammed noted that this setup improved dynamics, attack, and decay giving him “the best sound [he’s] heard” from his Lyra Atlas cartridge.

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