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US Distributor, Musical Surroundings debuts 12JT Turbo tonearm at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado

This weekend in Denver, Colorado US Distributor, Musical Surroundings is premiering the new 12JT Turbo tonearm at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The tonearm will be part of their playback system where it is mounted to a Viella V12 turntable giving show-goers the opportunity to view and hear the 12JT Turbo.

The AMG 12JT Turbo expands upon our patented tonearm design with improved sound and functionality. The new larger bearing assembly houses both the unique vertical bearing and a larger horizontal axle, featuring dual micro-ball bearing assemblies for enhanced stability and reduced friction. All critical parameters of the 12JT Turbo are accomplished with calibrated locking thumbscrews for added rigidity and precise adjustment.

Musical Surroundings will also be showing and playing our 9W2 tonearm, Twin Armboard, and Reference tonearm cable in their Rocky Mountain Audio Fest system.

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