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The Audio Alternative showcased the AMG V12 turntable at RMAF 2012

Suite 9030, the place to be on the 9th floor with a full Audio Research Corporation Reference system including the world debut of the Ref 10 Preamplifier, Ref Phono 2SE, Ref DAC, Ref CD8 and Ref 250 Mono Block Amplifiers, Vandersteen 7 Loudspeakers with M7 Crossovers, AMG Viella 12 Turntable and Tone Arm with Lyra Atlas MC Cartridge, Audioquest Speaker Cables and interconnects including Wildwood Speaker Cables, WBY XLR & single ended interconnects, NRG 100 & NRG 10 AC power cables, Cinnamon Ethernet and Diamond USB and Ethernet cables with Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR-1921 Isolation stands, M3X-2123 Isolation bases and R1-1921 Isolation bases.

Rick Duplisea, the owner of the Audio Alternative making final set up adjustment to the AMG Viella 12 Turntable with 12J2 t0nearm outfitted with the new Lyra Atlas MC Cartridge Friday afternoon prior to the show opening.

On the left, Burge Cooper, President of Audio Vision, the Audio Research Corporation distributor in Mumbai, India, and Dave Gordon, Managing Director of Sales at the Audio Research Corporation walk through programing the new Reference 10 Preamplifier with the AMG Viella 12 turntable.

Source: http://www.audioalternative.com/2012-RMAF.html

The Audio Alternative website: http://www.audioalternative.com