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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013 coverage


From The Absolute Sound:

Jonathan Valin: “… Magico Q1 in the MIT room… and some fabulous Spectral electronics (the DMC-30SS preamp, DMA-260 stereo amp, and SDR-4000 SL CD transport), as well as a Sutherland Phono Block phono stage and an AMG V12 phonograph… I’m not going to announce my Best of Show winner on-line, but you can be sure that the Q1/Spectral/MIT room will be a finalist.Jonathan Valin: “In Maroon Peak, VAC electronics were being paired with Tannoy’s four-driver, three-way $69,995 Kingdom Royal statement floor stander… (the analog source was the AMG V12 turntable)… Lt Kije sounded extremely detailed and robustsoundstaging was exceptional…

From Stereophile:


“My personal Best of Show? You betcha.”

Every music lover/audiophile with vision longs for the same thing: those magical moments when the system disappears… VAC… Esoteric… Tannoy Kingdom Royal loudspeakers… a VAC Statement phono preamplifier ($50,000), and an AMG Viella 12 turntable ($16,500) outfitted with a Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement Phono Cartridge ($15,000).


Jason Victor Serinus: “… MIT… managed to fit a very impressive system into a very small space. I’m talking about an AMG V12 turntable with… Magico Q1 loudspeakers ($27,000/pair)… It sounded great. The tonalities of soprano Renée Fleming’s recording, “Touch the Hand of Love” were gorgeous, and the spacious acoustic around soprano Elly Ameling’s voice was extremely special… a depiction of voice and acoustic, including a natural-sounding die-off of acoustic reverberation, that are truly superb.

From Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Review:

AMG, Audio Research and Vandersteen

The pairing of AMG, Audio Research, and Vandersteen… was again impressive, among the very best rooms at the show. The turntable was the AMG Viella turntable with 12J2 tonearm and cherry skirt ($16,500) with the brand new Lyra Etna cartridge… there was a satisfying continuousness of soundstage, and the speakers simply disappeared… the reproduction of the cymbals was among the best I heard.


The Audio Beat:

“… Fort Collins dealer The Audio Alternative, which put together a system consisting of… an AMG Viella 12 turntable and tonearm… music to my ears.”