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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012

We have arrived at our destination – Crestone Peak room at the Marriott Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Time to unpack!

Cartridge alignment on the AMG Viella 12 Turntable


Getting there!

– Clearaudio Master Innovation Wood turntable on Clearaudio Everest turntable stand, Graham Phantom II Supreme tonearm w/ Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement phono cartridge
– AMG Viella 12 Turntable w/ 12J2 tonearm and Benz Micro LP S phono cartridge
– Aesthetix Romulus tube USB and SPDIF DAC and CD player, Io Eclipse tube phono stage, Callisto Eclipse tube linestage, Atlas power amps
– Critical Mass Systems stand

We are ready for RMAF!

– Focal Maestro Utopia III loudspeakers
– Tara Labs cables, Running Springs Haley power conditioner

Record shopping before we head to the airport — at Twist & Shout Records

Another show in the bag! RMAF 2012 was a blast… back to Oakland!

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