David Robinson of PFO on O’Hare 2 at AXPONA: “The sound in this room was really spectacular…”

As you can see, your 12th floor room at AXPONA 2017 has gained one of my Positive Feedback Audio Oasis! Awards. I give these to audio show rooms that exhibit superior audio virtues for music and sound…and you’ve certainly earned one! The sound in this room was really spectacular, and Garth played Michel Portal’s Turbulence on French pressing LP…he’s the only other person besides me that I know of who has it! Triple points for Garth!

Once again, congratulations on your accomplishments at AXPONA 2017! I give praise where praise is due….

Dr. David W. Robinson
Editor-in-Chief, Positive Feedback


Dagogo reviews 12JT Turbo: “The best tonearm I have ever used.”

Jack Roberts, writer for online publication Dagogo posted his review of the new AMG 12JT Turbo tonearm. Roberts, an AMG aficionado has used an AMG Viella V12 turntable and 12J2 tonearm as his reference turntable for over four years said of the new tonearm, “From the first LP I played I knew there was something special about how my system sounded with the [12JT] Turbo tonearm.”

On his first impressions of the tonearm Roberts noted, “it simply looks of precision and impressive build quality.” As the name implies, he was able to set up the tonearm incredibly fast stating “the cartridge mounting system is ingenious and makes setting up the geometry a less than five-minute job if you use the jig that comes with the arm.”

Roberts listened to the tonearm with a variety of cartridges including the DS Audio DS-W1 optical cartridge where he mused, “The first two things that jumped out at me are how much more stable the imaging was and how much better the bass was controlled.”  Roberts continues, “They sounded more like real instruments and less like a phono cartridge retrieving music from a record groove.” He also spent considerable time using the AMG Teatro moving coil cartridge and noticed an even greater difference: “This tonearm allows the Teatro to almost rival the Soundsmith Strain Gauge or the new Optical DS cartridge.”

Roberts concludes by saying “the two twelve-inch arms from AMG are the two best tonearms I have ever used, but if you can afford the difference get the Turbo.”

Read the complete review here

AMG V12 Turbo gets press and praise at CES 2017

The AMG V12 Turbo was the centerpiece of US distributor Musical Surroundings’ active demo system at CES last week. Following the show, the press has been praising the system for its incredible sound.

The Absolute Sound: Best of Show (cost no object) – Robert Harley
The Absolute Sound: Best of Show (cost no object) – Jonathan Valin

“[The Musical Surroundings] setup was the first one I wanted to stick around and listen to that first day.” – Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound

Viella V12 turntable and 12JT tonearm: “Most Coveted Products of 2016.”

US-based audiophile website, Part-Time Audiophile has named the AMG Viella V12 turntable and 12JT Turbo tonearm as one of its Most Coveted Products of 2016.

Reviewer Rafe noted “The AMG Viella V12 turntable and standard (12J2) tonearm is a combination of real and imagined in a listening session that is best described as ‘drug-like.'” Rafe continues “The ability of this duo (regardless of cartridge) to elicit out-of-body sonic experiences, and palpable emotional responses from me is something spooky.”

Reviewer Mohammed listened to the Viella V12 ‘table with AMG’s new 12JT Turbo tonearm. Mohammed, who previously had the 12J2 tonearm, was most impressed by the 12JT Turbo’s “ingenious” alignment jig and calibrated locking thumbscrews helping him achieve his “most accurate setup to date.” What’s more, Mohammed noted that this setup improved dynamics, attack, and decay giving him “the best sound [he’s] heard” from his Lyra Atlas cartridge.

Read the complete review here

Review: V12 Turbo package and Teatro cartridge “precisely reproduce the sound of analog.”

Taiwan-based online high end audio magazine, My-Hiend.com has posted a review of our V12 Turbo package (Viella V12 turntable with the new 12JT Turbo tonearm) and our Teatro MC cartridge. Reviewer Leo Yeh talks about the design and construction of both the turntable and tonearm emphasizing the precision machining as well as the ease of setup and adjustment of the new 12JT Turbo tonearm. Leo was also impressed with the titanium-bodied Teatro cartridge noting its high-efficiency generator and resonance-minimizing body shape. Overall, Leo’s impression of this package can be summed up by the title of the review: “Precisely Reproduce The Sound Of Analog.”

Read the review here using Google Translator


AMG 12JT Turbo video from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Analog Planet’s Michael Fremer stopped by US distributor Musical Surroundings’ room at last week’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver Colorado to discuss among other things, the new 12JT Turbo tonearm. In the video below, Allan Moulton of Musical Surroundings demonstrates the new features of the 12JT Turbo, impressing Fremer with its ease of setup and adjustability.

At the show, the 12JT Turbo was mounted with its 9W2 brethren to an AMG Twin armboard, atop a Viella V12 turntable.

Giro/Teatro combination receives TONEaudio Publisher’s Choice award

TONEaudio has awarded the AMG Giro turntable and Teatro cartridge their Publisher’s Choice award in their premier print issue. TONEaudio, a relative new-comer to the world of high-end analog extolled the Giro’s appearance stating “Underneath its deceptively simple outward appearance lurks fine machining and assembly unrivaled by other turntables costing much, much more. TONEaudio concluded, “this [combination] delivers the sonic goods, is easy to set up and will take all but the most obsessed analogaholics to sonic heaven.”

Dagogo reviews, lauds AMG Giro

US-based online magazine, Dagogo has just published their review of the AMG Giro G9 turntable with 9W2 tonearm and Teatro cartridge. Reviewer Jack Roberts praised the Giro and the entire AMG product line asserting, “Simply put, the AMG Giro is the best turntable I know of for less than $14,000 (USD), but the AMG V12 is simply one of the best turntables out there at any price.” Roberts concludes, “AMG has now given us two world class turntables, two world class tonearms and an incredible moving coil cartridge for the money. Not bad I’d say for a company’s first five products.”

You can read the complete Dagogo review here