AMG at CES 2017

US AMG distributor, Musical Surroundings featured the entire AMG product line at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Musical Surroundings also used the AMG V12 Turbo as the the turntable in their active demonstration system which also included an 9W2 tonearm. Please enjoy the photo gallery below courtesy of Leo Yeh at Mi-Heind.com.

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AMG at the Osaka High End Audio Show

At last week’s Osaka High End Audio Show, DS Audio paired their DS Master1 optical cartridge with our Giro G9 turntable for a visually stunning, and incredible sounding combination. Enjoy the images below courtesy of DS Audio.







V12 Turbo package featured at upcoming US Dealer Event

Our V12 Turbo package, which consists of an AMG Viella V12 turntable and our new 12JT Turbo tonearm will be featured next weekend at a dealer event in Verona, New Jersey in the United States. The event will be co-hosted by our US distributor, Musical Surroundings and dealer Audio Connection and will take place on Saturday, November 19th from 12PM -5PM. For more information on this event, visit www.musicalsurroundings.com or audioconnect.com.


US Distributor, Musical Surroundings debuts 12JT Turbo tonearm at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado

This weekend in Denver, Colorado US Distributor, Musical Surroundings is premiering the new 12JT Turbo tonearm at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The tonearm will be part of their playback system where it is mounted to a Viella V12 turntable giving show-goers the opportunity to view and hear the 12JT Turbo.

The AMG 12JT Turbo expands upon our patented tonearm design with improved sound and functionality. The new larger bearing assembly houses both the unique vertical bearing and a larger horizontal axle, featuring dual micro-ball bearing assemblies for enhanced stability and reduced friction. All critical parameters of the 12JT Turbo are accomplished with calibrated locking thumbscrews for added rigidity and precise adjustment.

Musical Surroundings will also be showing and playing our 9W2 tonearm, Twin Armboard, and Reference tonearm cable in their Rocky Mountain Audio Fest system.

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Photos from the TAA International High End HiFi Show in Taipei

The AMG Viella V12, new 12JT Turbo tonearm and Teatro cartridges were among the featured products in our Taiwan distributor, Arkaudio‘s room at the TAA International High End HiFi Show in Taipei Taiwan this weekend. Please enjoy some photos from their room courtesy of Leo Yeh via My-Hiend.com.


Arkaudio’s room at the TAA International High End HiFi Show in Taipei


Garth Leerer of Musical Surroundings inspects the setup of a V12/12JT/Teatro in Ark Audio’s room.


A cutaway showing the mechanical inner-workings of an AMG tonearm.


The underside of a Teatro cartridge


Another shot of the V12/12JT/Teatro combo


The V12/12JT/Teatro shown from above

Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show Images

We have returned from a very successful Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show. Please enjoy some images from our Hong Kong distributor, Avantgarde.



The Viella V12 with the new 12JT Turbo tonearm and Teatro cartridge


The Giro G9 with 9W2 turntable


The all new 12JT Turbo shown in a display case

Viella turntable, New 12JT Turbo tonearm to be displayed at Hong Kong High-End show, TAA International High End HiFi show Taiwan

The AMG Viella V12 turntable and brand new 12JT Turbo tonearm will be on display at next week’s Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show in Hong Kong, China. They will be displayed by our Hong Kong distributor, Avantgarde. The 12JT Turbo tonearm was introduced to the European market at April’s Munich High End show, earning an “Auspicious Debut” mention from US publication, The Absolute Sound.

The 12JT Turbo tonearm will also be on display with Taiwan distributor, Ark Audio at the TAA International High-End HiFi Show in Taipei, Taiwan from August 11-14.
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