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Awarded ‘Most Significant Analog Product Introductions’ by Jim Hannon of The Absolute Sound!

“AMG introduced the Giro, a smaller and less costly ’table with electronic speed control and a decoupled spindle-design and platter-bearing derived from the Viella , as well as a 9″ tonearm employing a scaled-down version of the patented dual-pivot bearing found in AMG’s reference 12J2 arm. The Giro’s belt-driven platter is made of aluminum and synthetic materials. The AMG Teatro MC phono cartridge with a special titanium body, which was shown at Axpona a few weeks ago, was also on display.”

Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound

“Not to be missed was the AMG Phono Preamplifier, designed by Michael Yee. This two-chassis, dual-mono, solid-state, battery-powered phonostage has both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR inputs and outputs. Its front panel enables push-button selection of different phono equalization curves, including RIAA, Decca, Columbia, and mono. Using the right EQ can have a dramatic effect on sound quality, transforming a bright or lackluster LP into a treasure. The AMG Phono Pre is scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2014.”

Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound


“Turntable and tonearm manufacturer AMG debuted the $9,900 Giro turntable, which comes complete with 9″ AMG 9W2 tonearm. Built in Germany, the belt drive ‘table features a combination of aluminum and synthetic materials, the new ‘table also incorporates the higher priced Viella’s decoupled spindle design and a scaled down version of the Viella’s platter bearing and 33 and 45 via electronic speed control.”

Michael Fremer, Analog Planet

“AMG introduced $5000 battery powered phono preamplifier at HE 2014 with circuit designed by Michael Yee featuring both RCA and XLR inputs. A true dual mono design with separate boards for each channel and an outboard power supply the NiMH battery pack powered phono preamp included front panel buttons for selecting RIAA, Decca and Columbia curves, mono, polarity reversal and mute.”

Michael Fremer, Analog Planet


 “A.M.G. introduced a very nice-looking 9″ tonearm—so nice looking that I shamelessly begged for a review loaner. The as-yet unnamed [actually it is the 9W2] arm incorporates A.M.G.’s patented twin-pivot bearing…”

Art Dudley, Stereophile


AMG Viella 12 black lacquer with Twin armboard and 9W2 tonearm

Munich High End display

Active system with AMG Giro turntable, Teatro cartridge, AMG Phono Preamplifier, Aesthetix Metis line stage, Romulus Signature dac/transport, and Aesthetix Atlas Signature Stereo power amplifier

AMG Viella platter bearing, 9W2 tonearm, and Teatro cartridge in “Display Rocket”