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In memory of Werner Roeschlau of AMG

Werner (right) and Garth together in San Francisco after CES 2013

Werner (right) and Garth, President of Musical Surroundings, together in San Francisco after CES 2013

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Werner Roeschlau of AMG, a special individual who realized his passion for engineering, machining and audio. He died in his sleep on February 28, 2013. Werner was 62 years old and is survived by his son Julian Lorenzi, Julian’s wife Carolla, and their newborn daughter Johanna.

Werner and his son Julian developed the AMG products together as Roeschlau & Lorenzi before changing the name to Analog Manufaktur Germany (AMG) in November 2011. With the change to AMG, Roeschlau & Lorenzi joined with Musical Surroundings of Oakland, California and High Fidelity Studio of Augsburg, Germany for marketing and distribution. Their first product, the AMG V12 turntable, has been recognized as one of the finest turntables in the world, winning numerous awards. These include Turntable of the Year in 2012 and Editor’s Choice 2013 from THE ABSOLUTE SOUND magazine and Product of the Year 2012 by TONEAUDIO, both in the US. European recognition and awards in 2012 include Reference Class from STEREOPLAY magazine and the cover of IMAGE HI-FI magazine in Germany and the overall Product of the Year from HIGH FIDELLITY magazine in Poland.

Julian Lorenzi, new Managing Director of AMG

Julian Lorenzi, new Managing Director of AMG

Julian Lorenzi’s education and experience as a mechanical engineer is similar to his father. In addition to design, Julian oversaw production and operations of the AMG factory. He will now assume the position of Managing Director of AMG.

Werner and Julian have completed designs of many new AMG products. The first to be introduced at the Munich High End show in May of 2013 is the AMG 9” tonearm, using the same patented bearing as the highly regarding AMG 12J2, but scaled appropriately to the shorter arm length. The 9J2 is compatible with a wide range of turntables and a direct replacement for Rega, Linn and Clearaudio tonearms.

For more information, please contact Garth Leerer at 510 547-5006 or garth@musicalsurroundings.com.