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Harmonic Resolution Systems M3X-1921-AMG V12 platform

by Jack Roberts
August 2012
Source: http://www.dagogo.com/View-Article.asp?hArticle=1081

Five Features I Like on the AMG “V12”:
1. The tonearm has a lift; after living without one I can tell you it is very nice to have one.
2. The screw-on clamping system is the best I’ve used. It starts with a stainless steel spindle, then there is the record center support, and lastly, the screw-on clamp itself. So far, I haven’t run into a single warp it couldn’t handle, and it a lot easier and less dangerous than using a perimeter ring.
3. The ability to adjust VTA on the fly and having a level in the top of the tonearm bearing cover, so you can tell how much you have changed the VTA. It also helps you find a starting place.
4. That it comes with all the precision tools you need for setting up the turntable and tonearm; and that you can level the turntable itself.

“… the AMG V12 was one of the two best turntables I had used in my system. I feel safe in saying that with the addition of the HRS M3X-1921-AMG V12 Isolation Platform, the AMG Viella is the best table I have used.”