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Dagogo review of AMG Viella 12 turntable

AMG Viella V12 Turntable

by Jack Roberts
August 2012

If someone told me that they had just bought a AMG V12, I’d want to know when I could take it for a spin, but by spin I would mean around the block. In this case, the outstanding Bavarian engineering has been applied to wonderful new turntable, in the first turntable effort for the AMG brand. Werner Roeschlau, designer and driving force behind AMG, works with his son and other master machinists at their Bavarian factory located north of Munich. Before building his own turntable and tonearms some of his most notable work was on the Brinkman turntables. I guess everyone dreams of doing it for themselves one day. The AMG Viella V12 is a non-decoupled, mass-loaded, belt-driven design with a very special twelve-inch tonearm.

This is the first turntable I have used in which almost the entire turntable and tonearm were made of high-grade aluminum. All the machining is done in house at Werner Roeschlau’s factory. He combines the latest Computer Aided Design and CNC machines with “classic analog” tools including custom lathes and drill presses. Their factory has been manufacturing key, precision parts for some of the world’s most highly regarded turntables for over a decade. This expertise in the design and manufacture of turntables led to the AMG line, with the Viella 12 “V12” being their first product.

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