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CES show report of AMG by Positive Feedback

From Myles Astor, Positive Feedback: 

The AMG Viella table complete with the AMG 12-inch arm and new Teatro moving coil cartridge. The new 0.4 mV output Teatro titanium body moving coil cartridge. Equipped with a two-piece body that allows for easy interchange of the armature, the high compliance cartridge uses separate coils for each channel and is fitted with a line contact stylus.

Musical Surroundings put together one of the more “modest” systems at the show based around the AMG Viella table, followed by the new $2000 AMG Teatro titanium-body moving coil cartridge, Jim White’s Aesthetix electronics, Musical Surroundings Phonomena II phono stage, and Focal speakers… attendees were greeted with a system that you could listen to forever.

New at analog central… Musical Surrounding has a new 9-inch tonearm, a scaled down version of the current 12-inch arm, along with an OVAL SME mount adaptor and TWIN V12 arm armboard for those AMG owners who prefer a dual tonearm option.