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California Audio Show 2013 report in The Absolute Sound

CAS 2013 show report by Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound:


The analog front end was all AMG with a Clearaudio Goldfinger cartridge and the Aesthetix Io Eclipse phonostage…”

“… the sound was impressively lively and spacious… Soundstaging and immediacy were staggering… it was one potent, dynamic performer, and to my ears like a scaled-down XLF but not nearly as particular about room size as the current Wilson flagship.”






“McGrath pulled me aside and whisked me into an adjacent room to have a meet and greet with Wilson’s all new Duette Series 2, I was all ears. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the CAS.


Power was supplied by Ayre electronics, the front end was an AMG ’table and ’arm, a Benz-Micro Gullwing cartridge, and an Aesthetix Rhea phonostage. Cabling was Shunyata. … Sonically the Series 2 retains much of the imposing weight, dynamics, and detail I’ve come to expect from Wilsons, but when McGrath cued up mezzo Renee Fleming the Duette truly strutted its stuff with remarkable imaging and dimensionality and so much tone color that I could identify Ms. Fleming’s brand of lipstick.