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AMG Viella 12 gets the cover in Brazil

“Combining an astonishing naturalness and intoxicating sound, the V12 has everything to become one of the greatest references of this twenty-first century!” – Audio Video Magazine


Fernando Andrette magazine’s Audio Video Magazine, made in edition 189 (05/2013) on the one review Turntable Viella AMG V12. Below are some excerpts from the review:
Mr. Werner Roeschlau has never hidden that much of his inspiration and perfectionism is inherited from civil aviation, and his extensive experience in this industry have been the starting point for the development of the V12. The aluminum used is the same supplier of aluminum used by major airlines such as Boeing. Your platter, manufactured in high precision CNC machine, weighs 24 pounds! And its finish is just wonderful, being one of the most beautiful and well made turntables I’ve ever seen! The player is not only perfect in terms of finish, but also nice to see her spinning, where we have the distinct feeling that it is stationary. Another striking difference is the PVC mat, which is molded into the platter itself, as if it were an inherent part of the aluminum. Providing constant motion and accuracy for this platter requires a motor of high precision and reliability. The choice was made for a brushless DC 24, which is housed in the base of the turntable, hidden in the aluminum/wooden base on which the arm 12 inches and the platter are accommodated.

The speed of the V12 is selected through three capacitive buttons that have LEDs in red color when at rest and green when activated. Speed adjustment is very simple to do – activate the desired speed button for 5-6 seconds, which puts the speed in memory mode, then press any of the other two buttons to increase it gradually until you reach the speed feedback indicates. The manufacturer indicates that the accuracy of the adjustment is extremely accurate, with variations of less than 0.1%!

But it was the arm of the V12 that Werner and his son Julian have searched for a few years to do something truly innovative and that could be the big difference of this product with the excellent turntables on the market. Again the inspiration came from aeronautical engineering, where helicopters gave them the idea for the AMG 12-inch tonearm. Helicopters use huge steel springs to keep their rotors in equilibrium. AMG adapted this idea using two steel wires of only 0.5 mm thick to restrict the vertical movement of the arm as it reads the groove of the record. With that, they realized that his arm extracts an amazing accuracy and resolution of the information within the grooves of the discs rivaling much more expensive existing arms!

Associated Equipment
In the test, we basically utilize our reference system, with pre-phono Tom Evans Groove Anniversary and preamps darTZeel and Pass Labs XP-30. We also used at the end of the test the internal phono pre-amplifier in the darTZeel preamp. The power amps used were the Momentum monoblock to begin with, and then we heard the Air Tight ATM-1S. Interconnect cables between the preamp and phono preamps were the Elation and Iridium.


The V12 is a significant turntable coming from this new generation of designers who throw themselves into the challenge of producing new solutions to the classic and fantastic analog media that is vinyl. New materials and ingenious mechanical and electronic solutions enable the further survival of vinyl, perpetuating and keeping this physical medium alive even when the CD is removed from the market (Who would have ventured to predict that vinyl would have survived beyond the CD?).

Combining an astonishing naturalness and intoxicating sound, the V12 has everything to become one of the greatest references of this twenty-first century! For those who want a state of the art turntable with the best cost-performance, do not forget to listen to this wonder at the Hi-End Show 2013, because I’m sure that will be one of the highlights of the event! It is a real analog jewel that will certainly create joy among the multitude that is passionate about vinyl!

The full review can be accessed by the link: AVMAG189 – Turntable AMG V12 Viella

Author: Fernando Andrette
Source: Audio Video Magazine – Ed.189