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AMG Giro/Teatro reviewed in Toneaudio magazine, hailing it “the essence of analog simplicity.”

The October 2015 issue of Toneaudio features an excellent review of the AMG Giro G9 turntable/AMG Teatro MC cartridge combo. Reviewer Jeff Dorgay sets the tone declaring the Giro/Teatro combo “immediately engaging,” referencing a listen to Annie Lennox’s voice on the Eurythmics classic “Don’t Ask Me Why.” He goes on to say “[The Giro] pulls so much information out of the grooves…that you instantly sit up in the chair and take notice.” While our reviewer preferred the Giro/Teatro combo as a whole, noting the Teatro’s “amazing synergy with the AMG [Giro] table” and how it “completely disappears in the service of the music,” it is worth noting that he found the Teatro’s sound, separate of the Giro to be “immersive.”

Mr. Dorgay concludes: “Once you’ve heard the Giro, it might be tough to convince yourself you need to spend twice as much on another table…If you are stepping up from a more modest turntable, the experience will be a revelation. You’ll be glad you did.”

You can read the entire review here, courtesy of Toneaudio