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10 Audio Reviews AMG Teatro

10 Audio has just posted a stellar review of both the AMG Teatro phono cartridge and the Musical Surroundings Nova II phono stage. Here is what editor/reviewer Jerry Seigel had to say:

“At a suggested list price of $2,750, I was expecting mid-level performance but was jolted out of my preconception to find that the Teatro is a true high-end product with near state of the art performance.” Seigel goes on to say of the Teatro: “The Teatro could hold its own in six figure audio systems. Three thousand dollars is a threshold price point, above which unit sales decline. To be purchased and enjoyed by greater numbers of audiophiles, a cartridge should be price below this threshold. This was a goal of AMG and the Teatro not only meets this condition, but its excellent overall performance warrants a serious look by anyone considering a new cartridge. This truly excellent phono cartridge might very well let you jump off the audition roller coaster and seriously consider having a long term relationship with the AMG Teatro. It is that good!“

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