Giro turntable at Japan’s Analog Audio Fair

The AMG Giro G9 turntable with 9W2 tonearm was on display at DS Audio’s booth at Japan’s Analog Audio Fair where DS Audio’s Tetsuaki Aoyagi was on hand demonstrating their new DS Master1 optical cartridge. Below are a few images of the AMG/DS Audio setup at the show.


New AMG 12JT Turbo tonearm featured at AXPONA show

The new 12JT Turbo tonearm is being featured in the Manufacturer’s Showcase at AXPONA 2016 in Chicago. The Manufacturer’s Showcase was set up to highlight new and innovative products at AXPONA, displaying them in a museum-style manner. The 12JT Turbo prototype is fitted with an AMG Teatro MC cartridge, and mounted to a Viella V12 turntable, shown with optional white-bonded platter mat.


New 12JT Turbo tonearm to debut at AXPONA 2016

At this year’s Audio Expo North America (AXPONA), Musical Surroundings will be debuting the latest tonearm from AMG; the 12JT Turbo. The 12JT will be on display in AXPONA’s Manufacturer’s Showcase, which will serve to highlight new and exciting products at the show.

About the 12JT Turbo tonearm:
The deluxe version of our 12-inch tonearm features a new larger bearing housing with multi-ball horizontal bearing. All adjustments are accomplished with calibrated, locking thumb screws.




AMG was on hand at last week’s CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, AMG introduced a special version of their acclaimed Viella V12 turntable with white platter top to emphasize that the massive aluminum platter has a PVC mat inlaid, bonded, and machined for mechanical impedance matching with the vinyl LP. Additionally, the Viella V12 was chosen by Audio Research Corporation to debut their Reference Phono 3 at CES. This special 2-tone version of the V12 will likely be made available as an option to AMG customers. Stay tuned for more information.

AMG Moving and Expanding

In order to meet a significantly increased demand, and  with the success of the Giro turntable, AMG is in the process of moving their factory to a much larger facility. This is great news for AMG fans as the move will allow for increased production capacity, and expanded R and D among other things. The images below shows their CNC milling machine, and lathe being carefully moved to their new home. AMG_Moving

Definitive Audio’s Music Matters 10 Show Report and images

Fresh from Seattle, we’re proud to report the Music Matters 10 event at Definitive Audio was a great success. The show saw over 400 visitors with the Musical Surroundings team giving two lectures per hour over the duration of the event. In addition the Musical Surroundings team, our friend, Stereophile’s Michael Fremer was also on-hand to present our AMG Giro turntable and AMG Teatro phono cartridge, helping to sing its praises and declaring it a “great value” among other things.  Below are a few pictures taken during setup of our room at Definitive Audio, and we’ll be posting more images over the next few days as they become available to us.

Check out this great review of the Music Matters 10 Event written  by Stereophile’s Jason Serinus, who himself was particularly impressed with the AMG Giro/Teatro’s performance citing a particular passage from Clearaudio’s “Diabolus in Musica” record, “…that showcased Salvatore Accardo’s violin to dazzling effect.” Serinus continued “…the system impressed with its gorgeous midrange, absolutely control and authority on the bottom, and sonorous transparency on top.”

Read the full Show Review Here


Garth making azimuth adjustments to the AMG Giro turntable

Up-close and personal with the Fozgometer Azimuth Range Finder

Up-close and personal with the Fozgometer Azimuth Range Finder

Getting the Giro and Teatro set up from Music Matters 10

Getting the Giro and Teatro set up from Music Matters 10

Up close and personal with the AMG Giro and Teatro at Music Matters 10

Up close and personal with the AMG Giro and Teatro at Music Matters 10